Below are some of the significant articles written about Extraordinary Golf, or founder Fred Shoemaker.


An Extraordinary Golf School
Golf, 1995


Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible
Golf May 1997, Part One
Golf May 1997, Part Two

Golf Gurus: Instructors Offer Holistic Approaching to Mastering The Game
Alaska Airlines, April 2004


Business and Pleasure: A unique school teaches how to take lessons from the practice tee into the workplace.
Golf Magazine, February 2000 


Tee For Two: The most important lesson in golf: how to play with your mate.
Golf For Women, August 2000


Zen What? 
Golf Magazine, November 2006


Top Teachers Talk
The Shivas Irons Society Journal, July 2007


Courses of Study
Horizon Air, April 2010 

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