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Programs for Teaching Pros & Coaches: Extraordinary Coaching (EC)


Extraordinary Coaching is where teaching professionals and sports coaches explore the coaching and learning paradigms that underlie all Extraordinary Golf programs. The program stands on the very real possibility that every coaching encounter can be an engagement that renews and nurtures the coach and student alike.


Extraordinary Coaching is designed to empower participants’ coaching practices, to expand their capacity to impact their students, and to reinvent coaching beyond what they imagine is possible. 

Led by Fred Shoemaker and Garry Lester, the program blends one-on-one and group coaching, demonstrations, inquiries, videos, and discussions designed to have participants…



 Learn to create coaching experiences that lead out self-coaching and foster self-generated development in students

 Explore a learning paradigm that allows for transformation

 Redefine what’s possible for him/herself, and for their students

 Explore what allows for change and how to handle breakdowns

 Learn to handle self-doubt, and develop concentration and self-trust


What Previous Attendees Have Said About EC:


"It was the experience of my life in golf, something I wish I'd known about long before. It was out of this world."
Jesper, PGA of Denmark, Former Touring Professional

 “It was truly an awakening for me.”
George, PGA Master Professional

“EC has been truly life-changing for me. It has recharged my learning and growing ‘battery’ in a huge way. I’m amazed at how less I’m in my own way when I coach now.  I’m beginning to trust myself more and more on the lesson tee. Students are having fun and I’m having fun with them!  I’m finding that my coaching experiences are gaining greater depth with people, not just golf.”
Kay, PGA & LPGA Class A Teaching Pro (Former LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year)

"I am now more excited about the future of golf, my students’ future, and my own!  Extraordinary Coaching has opened up a new way for me to communicate, connect with, and listen to everyone.  Most importantly I now believe more in myself, my students, and in our endless capabilities to learn."
Carlton, PGA Professional



The PGA provides MSR hours and the LPGA certification units for members attending this program.
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