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Garry Lester


Garry has worked at the intersection of global education, transformational learning and golf for decades.
With extensive experience in the field of education, as well as two decades as a coach, program leader, designer, co-trainer and partner with Extraordinary Golf, Garry brings an uncommon ability to distill issues down to their essential elements so as to enrich learning environments.  His contribution is often the catalyst—the trim tab—that forwards a program’s intention to greater breakthroughs.

In addition to knowing that human beings possess deep reservoirs of untapped potential for golf, Garry is committed to having the game become a practical venue for distinguishing professional and personal transformation.  As such, he has worked with executives from Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Monsanto, Landmark Education, Inovant, and Visa, among others.  He is also an executive coach to Fortune 100 corporate executives.

While dedicated to furthering the development of Extraordinary Golf coaches, Garry also contributes to the growth of golf professionals, teachers, and coaches via Extraordinary Coaching and other coaching engagements.  He has also worked with members of the PGA, LPGA, the Canadian and Japanese PGAs and with First Tee coaches.

Garry lives in San Juan Bautista, California, where he provides executive learning retreats and maintains a private golf coaching practice at San Juan Oaks Golf Club. 




Bill Condaxis


Bill brings his unwavering passion for making a difference and for learning to the lives of his students.

It was through taking lessons with Fred Shoemaker while playing professionally that Bill found his way to Extraordinary Golf in the early 90's. He’s been a Class A PGA professional since '93, an Extraordinary Golf coach since '94 and a program leader since '96.


Bill has had a lifelong love affair with the game—be it for coaching, playing, practicing it, or for the game's reach into other aspects of life. He has been infusing his exploration of mastery into his work, his music, and his life. Course participants are attracted to his heartfelt commitment to their growth. 


He so loves his engagement in Extraordinary Golf programs that he often says he’d coach in the programs for free (…“but don’t tell anyone!”) He's also committed to developing coaching talent via coaching engagements with Garry Lester. 

Bill lives in San Jose, California, where he maintains a private coaching practice at Cinnabar Hills GC. 



Evan Schiller


Evan Schiller has an eye for golf. 

An Extraordinary Golf coach since 1994 and program leader since 1996, Evan’s career started as a tournament professional (1983-1989) playing in South Africa, Europe, Canada and the US, including in the 1986 US Open.  After a successful competitive career, Evan turned his attention to golf instruction at prestigious private clubs in Westchester County, NY.

While coaching at Westchester CC, he attended and heard Fred Shoemaker speak at a PGA Teaching Summit.  They started a dialogue then that continues to this day as fellow coaches and leaders in Extraordinary Golf programs. 

Evan is a skilled and engaging coach whose ability to hone in on the variables most relevant and critical to his students allows for accelerated development.  And, his eye for golf goes beyond the golf swing.  He is a world-class golf course photographer whose work is continually published in national magazines, books, and calendars, and he’s one of a handful of officially licensed photographers for the Pebble Beach Company. A sample of his work can be viewed on this website's homepage. To view more of his work, visit

Evan lives in Weston, CT, and La Quinta, CA, where he is available for private coaching.




Marshall Gavre


Marshall Gavre has been a lifelong golfer and student of human development.

His wish to fuse these passions was fulfilled upon meeting Fred Shoemaker in the mid 90s and realizing that Extraordinary Golf offers an opportunity to develop both. An Extraordinary Golf coach since 1999, Marshall became a staff member in 2005 and oversees day-to-day program management.

Creating an environment where discovery and learning are possible is deeply satisfying to Marshall. And, his extensive background as a practitioner and teacher of meditation and Eastern practices provide a perfect background for empowering the development of awareness in golf and beyond. A golfer since age four and lifelong tournament player, he uses his playing and coaching to explore golf as a means for creative expression.

Marshall lives in Fairfield, IA, and Green Valley, AZ, where he also maintains private coaching practices and continues to play competitively. He is a fine player who has scored his age, or below, several times.





Jo Hardy


Jo is the chief orchestrator (CEO) at Extraordinary Golf and is also one of the co-producers and writers of Extraordinary Golf's new Video, Extraordinary Golf: The Secret to Transforming Your Game.


Jo came to Extraordinary Golf as a program participant in 1993 and began exploring the distinctions of this work in her game and life. She came on board as a staff member in 1993 and now heads, and is a partner, in the organization.


From being at more than 500 programs, Jo has an intimate knowledge of the process and of the real possibility that Extraordinary Golf provides golfers. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, and being a part of nearly every aspect of this work, she continues to view it from the perspective of a student.  She has been a catalyst in the development and evolution of the curriculum, has conceived many of the graduate programs listed on this website, including The Summer of Mastery and Mastery.  


Jo co-wrote Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game and co-produced/hosted a series of Extraordinary Golf radio shows wIth Fred Shoemaker. She led the production of From Formulas to Freedom, a conference for golf professionals and golfers and she is at work on another conference.


Jo is passionate about many aspects of this work but three stand-out: the applications of Extraordinary Golf principles to a process of mastery in any endeavor; the opportunity to assist in the creation of a thriving community of learners, and the great gift of being part of and witnessing students realize what's possible for them in this game and beyond.


She lives in Carmel, CA

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