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Programs For Amateurs: Two Foundational Programs


Golfers are far more able than they believe but they may not have learned how to develop--or access--that ability fully. The Regular Program and Just For Couples provide the foundation for this development, regardless of whether the golfer is a beginner or an experienced player. The programs rest on the premise that real breakthroughs are achieved not by increasing the time and effort golfers expend, but by altering the fundamental way they practice, play and approach their development. 


(For information on the rich curriculum for returning amateur participants, please see Previous Attendees.)



The Regular Program


The Regular Program offers a broad curriculum that includes what golfers would normally learn in a golf school: putting, chipping, full swing, grip, curving the ball, solid contact, power, bunkers, etc., but with an emphasis on experiencing the mechanics, and on learning to self-coach.


The program blends one-on-one and group coaching, exercises, demonstration, videos, and discussions designed to have participants… 



 See his/her ability newly and redefine what is possible for him/her in the game.

 Learn how to learn and how to integrate learning on the course

 Learn how to access concentration and how to practice productively

 Explore what allows for change and how to handle breakdowns

 Discover how to self-coach in areas of specific interest to each participant

Tuition varies according to the program’s location and does not include accommodations (we provide a list of suggestions.)  For pricing and details on this and all programs, please send a request for a schedule to




Just for Couples


This program is a Valentine’s Day version of The Regular Program but one for couples only (or, mostly.)


For a more complete description, please see the above description for The Regular Program.


For pricing and details on this and all programs, please send a request for a schedule to

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